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So moving internationally should not be underestimated...

A few weeks ago I received my packet of things to do before I can move to Doha. It is as follows:

1) Get medical tests done- HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Blood type... and have stamped by doctor. Then scan and email to school. As a student without a general practitioner in the city, this means finding parking for the Health Center, waiting to be seen, explaining the protocol, and finding a nurse willing to read the paperwork and follow the steps they ask for, meanwhile hoping your car does not get ticketed for parking less than a mile from the Health Center.

2) Get local fingerprinting, FBI fingerprinting, and a police clearance done- This means finding the fingerprinting forms online, getting a money order from the bank, finding parking downtown near the police station ($10 for every 15 minutes), explaining exactly what you need done to the kind folks that work in the Identifications Unit, then mailing one of the sets to the FBI and keeping another set to use in step #3.

3) Take fingerprinting forms and police clearance to the Qatari Consulate in Houston- This means collecting all of the necessary forms after they have been returned by the FBI, driving 4 hours to Houston, finding the Qatari Consulate, and giving them the documents to make sure you will be allowed into the county.

4) Go have more passport photos taken. Take the passport photos and signed (and witnessed) contracts to FedEx- pay an extraordinary amount ($62.12) in shipping for 2 packets of paper to go to Qatar.

5) Contact a shipping company. Note: They will ask exactly how many boxes you will have, the dimensions of the boxes, and when you will need them picked up. If you do not know exactly how many boxes, they will ignore your email and you will have to re-contact them when you know exact dimensions and number of boxes.

6) Get copies of all current teaching certificates. Texas will charge you $75 each time you request a certificate. Scan all certificates and email to school.

7) Try to breathe. Completing this list while concurrently finishing the last 3 weeks of grad school, moving out of your apartment, and packing for three separate trips is enough to make you lose your mind. Remember to breathe.

So that is the list I received right before having knee surgery, my oral defense of my treatise, and in the middle of water polo season- where I am flying to Orange County at least once a month to referee 20-30 games in a weekend. Luckily, I got most of the list done. I am waiting for the FBI to return my fingerprints so that I can take them to the Qatari Consulate in Houston. I am waiting to get my packing done so that the shipping company will contact me back. I am waiting for Texas to mail me my latest certificate. I am trying very hard to be patient while waiting.

I am moving in about 4 months!!! Crazy!? I think so. I can't wait to meet my colleagues, see my classroom, meet my kiddos, see my home, and make new friends though.

Ready or not, here I come! :)


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There's no turning back now!

Signing the contract...

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Well... It is official.

I am moving to Doha, Qatar.

I have signed a two-year teaching contract for an independent school in Qatar for children with special needs and learning challenges. I will be teaching first grade, all subjects (with the exception of Arabic, Islam, music, art) to ten Qatari children with a teaching aide. I move August 17, 2011. I am in love with the school and with the administration. They are so supportive and so encouraging. I knew that I wanted to pursue international teaching, which is a good thing considering the job climate in the States for teachers right now! The signing package is lovely. I have a furnished apartment 3 miles from my school in a gated community and flights home each summer, just to name a few of the bonuses of working overseas. I have eight weeks off in the summer and five weeks off scattered throughout the school year. The school work week is Sunday through Thursday and the weekend is Friday and Saturday. I am ecstatic about my adventure.

That being said, packing to move internationally is quite the challenge! The school pays for shipping up to a certain weight. Granted, I am only bringing clothes, shoes, medicine, toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste), and lots of teaching supplies (books, posters, bulletin board supplies)...but I am terrified that I will go over the weight limit. It is awfully difficult to pack up your life when you don't know where you will end up! My lease in Fort Worth is up at the end of April...so I am moving everything to my mother's house in Houston the last weekend of April. Then, I will be in The Netherlands for 3 weeks in May....then Orange County for June-August 10...then back to Houston, then Arkansas to drop off my car (for storage at Dad's house), then to Houston to fly to my new home in Doha!

Life moves quickly.

I will try to keep up with my travel blog and let all of you know how the transitions are going, how my school is, and how my kiddos are :) If I start to slack off on the blogging, please remind me! I will have email (kjdeichler@gmail.com) and Skype (kat.deichler) as my main means of communication while I am in Doha. I am freezing my cell phone account so that I can just flip it back on when I come back to the States, so my number will stay the same.

Questions? Comments? :)

Your free spirit,


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